What To Include On Your Freelance Web Site?

What To Include On Your Freelance Web Site?

1. Make sure every single page has a way to contact you without viewing any additional pages.

You just never know how many clicks you can get a person to do on your site.

2. Never include pricing unless you plan to offer products or packages that are the same every time.

It’s just distracting and — since the customer wants to know the price anyway — provides an excellent reason for customers to contact you.

3. Don’t be too verbose.

This is especially hard for non-writers, so it might be worth having someone who is a good writer look over your text when you’re done to see what you can pull out to “tighten” your message. If you want to be verbose, add a blog to your site and do it there. Your marketing text must get to the point quickly to keep the client’s attention.

4. Include the latest news about jobs you just landed.

You don’t have to have more than one sentence on each job and aren’t required to even list the client name, but it’ll give customers a sense that you regularly land new business.

5. Make sure your site includes specifics on why choosing your business is a smarter choice than some of the alternatives that get a lot of press time (like outsourcing to Elbonia).

What’s your hook that makes you different/better?


You likely have one minute of eyeballing time to impress the client with your web site. Don’t waste that time with things that aren’t going to convince the client to contact you.