Google Meet puts time limits on your meetings in its free version

Sep 28, 2020 · 1 min read
Google Meet puts time limits on your meetings in its free version
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Google Meet, Google’s video conferencing tool, will put a time limit on online meetings in its free version, so users will only have one hour to talk about what they need.

This application, which can be used through mobile devices but also on the computer without the need to download it, had opened its doors to all users, regardless of whether they were professionals or not, in May, without a time limit. But now, Google has decided to put time limits on the meetings of its free version, having only 60 minutes until it runs out and disconnects.

This app, which had been offered for free in May, in the middle of the coronavirus quarantine, as a way to fight against its maximum rival Zoom, has thus established a time limit that is superior to that of its competitor Zoom.

This time limit will start from September 30th and users will always have the opportunity to continue with the meeting but closing it previously and sending the link again to the participants, as is the case with Zoom.

Users of the free version of Google Meet will also be able to use other functions focused on professionals, such as the calendar or screen sharing, as well as real-time subtitles and the mosaic view option.

They will be able to access this Google Meets through the applications for Android and iOS devices but also in the web version.


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