Freelancy is a time tracking and project management application that lets you track the time you are working and money you have made, create invoices for your clients, view and export detailed reports.

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Our pricing is really simple: pay once and get unlimited projects, tasks, invoices, exportable reports and email support.
Check out Q&A or contact us via email or twitter (@getfreelancy) if you have any questions.

Pre-Sales Q&A

  1. Do I need to purchase the app first?

    No. Sign in or install the app now (it will start a new trial period automatically) and purchase the license when you’re ready.

  2. Is the free trial fully functional?


  3. Will I lose my data at the end of my trial?

    No. After your trial period has expired, you can no longer create new tasks, but you still have access to all your previous data and other functionality.

  4. Do I need to provide my credit card information to purchase a license?

    No. We use PayPal for payments.

  5. I have more questions. Who do I ask?

    Write us at or tweet us (@getfreelancy)!