Using your local coffee shop as an office

Jul 24, 2020 · 2 mins read
Using your local coffee shop as an office
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As well as studying online, working remotely has many advantages. Remote working is no longer the work of the future, nor is it a trend; remote working is here to stay.

According to the Business Communications Technology report, by 2025 the number of remote jobs will be equal to or greater than office or face-to-face jobs.

Companies are now looking to offer the benefits of flexibility and working remotely to stay competitive by attracting and retaining the best talent.

The flexibility offered by remote working has led to people working from different locations. However, according to Buffer’s 2019 Remote Work Status report, 84% of people who work remotely prefer to work at home. The second most common location for remote working is in cafes and yes, it can work as an office.

If you are going to work from a cafe it is important to consider:


Choosing a café near where you live is very convenient; it helps you reduce costs and travel time.


Internet connection

Having a good internet connection is essential to be able to work quietly, without stressing about not being able to have fluid video conferences. I recommend going to different cafes to test if the connection is good before deciding where to work.


This point is extremely important because sitting in a comfortable chair, having enough space at your table, good lighting, having enough charger plugs, and having a bathroom nearby (even if it sounds strange), will help you be more productive.


A fair price in a cafe makes you always want to come back. Working in cafés can be even more profitable than a coworking space.


So that the number of people in the café, the noise and the music are not a problem for you, you can use noise reduction or cancellation headphones. It is worth mentioning that there are several studies that prove that moderate background noise can help you generate more creative ideas and there is even an application called Coffitivity that recreates the sounds of a café to help you work better and be more creative.


The quality of the coffee and service obviously influences the choice of where to work from. You can research online which coffees near you are suitable for working remotely. Coffee shops where you can order from where you are sitting, or where you accumulate points to obtain benefits, are excellent options for people who work remotely.

Even if you already have your favorite coffee where they already know you’re going to order, the changes in atmosphere stimulate creativity, so you can alternate coffees and avoid falling into the same routine. In addition, when you leave your home and work from cafés you can get to know many people with whom you have things in common, starting with the taste of a good coffee.

Are you a freelancer? Do you work remotely? I’d like to know where you like to work and why.


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