Using Anonymous Ads (A-Ads) VS. Adsense

Mar 02, 2017 · 1 min read
Using Anonymous Ads (A-Ads) VS. Adsense
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Considering the price of Bitcoin is at an all-time high, I decided to give the BTC-dispensing ad network Anonymous Ads a try. Adsense was my main money maker for most of my websites, so I merely used one banner to supplement my current income. I was quite surprised how much I actually earned with just a tiny banner.

Adsense Pros:

  • Very high CPC in comparison to other ad networks.
  • Available to most of the world, but with some restrictions
  • Multiple payment methods, including Western Union for international users.


  • High payment threshold of $100
  • Strict guidelines to abide by.
  • Has a reputation for disabling accounts for minor rule infractions.

Anonymous Ads Pros:

  • Low withdrawal minimum of approx $1(varies depending on BTC exchange rate)
  • Bitcoins are rapidly rising in price.
  • No initial approval process.
  • Automatic Payments
  • Available for anybody in any country.
  • Able to use with adult, gambling or shady websites.
  • High CPM rates for banners, even if they do not generate clicks.


  • Only available in Bitcoin (exchanging may be difficult for new years)
  • Low CPC rates. Typically $0.01/click
  • Ads may not be appealing to audiences of non-tech or non-Bitcoin websites

An example of my earnings:

Digital Nomad Blog with mixed international traffic:
with Anonymous Ads: $2~/CPM
With Adsense: $0.35/CPM

Political Blog of Mostly USA Traffic:
with Anonymous Ads CPM: $0.91/CPM
With Adsense: $0.40/CPM

Educational Blog With Mostly USA Traffic:

With Anonymous Ads $0.22/CPM

With Adsense: $0.53/CPM



Anonymous Ads is suitable if your website does not generate a lot of clicks or is not approvable for Adsense. Adsense is much more profitable if you consider the high rates for clicks, but it pays poorly if your website just generates impressions. A-ads may be used as a sidekick to Adsense if you have the banner space.



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