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Freelancer Marketing – How to Write an Ad for an Online Directory

One of the toughest jobs Freelancers face is self-promotion. To advertise anywhere — whether it’s on your web site or in an online directory — you need to effectively communicate what...

In freelancer, May 08, 2019

Local Freelancing – Who is your competition?

In nearly any city, there are literally hundreds of web design firms. How do I figure out which ones are my competition?

In freelancer, Apr 12, 2019

We vs I

Are you a “WE” or are you an “I”? As a freelancer, do you represent yourself to clients as something larger than yourself?

In freelancer, Apr 04, 2019

Passive Income Vs Active Income for Location Independence

If you’re trying to achieve full time location independence, should you strive for that online marketing Holy Grail – completely automated, 100% passive income? Or are ...

In freelancer, Jul 10, 2017

Using Anonymous Ads (A-Ads) VS. Adsense

Considering the price of Bitcoin is at an all-time high, I decided to give the BTC-dispensing ad network Anonymous Ads a try. Adsense was my main money maker for most of my websites, ...

In blogging, Mar 02, 2017