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Setting Customer Conversion Goals

Let’s look at this in a different situation like dating: If you’re in a bar looking to talk to the hot ladies, you aren’t walking up to them asking them to marry you. You’re not even ...

In clients, May 15, 2020

Should You Hire a Freelance Cameraman?

Cinematographers are often unknown outside of the motion-picture industry even if they’re incredibly important since the home. The director of photography is responsible for overall p...

In employer, Apr 08, 2020

Jumpstarting a new freelance business

Q: I recently got laid off from my programming job, but the company hired me back as a contractor for 15 hours per week. I love the freedom freelancing brings me, but 15 hours isn’t e...

In freelancer, Mar 01, 2020

Project Tracking Software Performs a Key Function

Once a project plan is in place, and the project starts, project-tracking software keeps an eye on the project’s progress. As against manual tracking methods involving a lot of work w...

In freelancer, Dec 12, 2019

Marketing and Beer

I had a professor many years ago who told us this story.

In freelancer, Nov 08, 2019

Where is the market for freelance writers and photographers?

As a maturing photographer, at some point you will overcome family’s members and friends audience and will try to sell your photos to different sources. Basically there a few which yo...

In freelancer, Aug 08, 2019

50 Simple Marketing Ideas All Freelancers Can Use

As a freelancer, you have a wide variety of marketing options available to you. Just which ones will bring you the clients you prefer to work with depends — it’s important to make sur...

In freelancer, Jul 17, 2019

Growing Your Freelance Business

I’ve read a lot of articles about how to grow my freelance consulting business, but my own experiences run counter to many of the recommendations in those articles.

In freelancer, Jul 08, 2019

Elements of a Successful Freelance Resume & Cover Letter

Five essential points that every resume must cover!

In freelancer, Jul 08, 2019

Is it Spec Work or a Good Interview Question?

Q: I’ve been asked to provide sample idea designs for a new potential client before we have any contract in place. Is this spec work — which is something I don’t want to do — or just ...

In freelancer, Jun 28, 2019