Online Interviews in the New Normal

Sep 10, 2020 · 2 mins read
Online Interviews in the New Normal
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With the emergence of the pandemic and the rise of the telework format, remote job interviews are also becoming more common. Here are some recommendations to get you started.

Be that as it may, as a result of the impact of the COVID-19, more and more companies are promoting teleworking, whether it is of a temporary nature or as a modality that the worker can take advantage of, an option that on a global level is led by the large technological companies such as Facebook, Google or Twitter.

Among its main advantages, remote work is not always limited to a specific geographical area, but rather extends the possibilities to other countries, something key in jobs such as development. Consequently, and for reasons of distance and security and health protection in the face of COVID-19, some job interviews have been moved to an online format, supported by collaborative software and video call apps.

Given that the future of many companies is remote, others are in transition and some will convert to a hybrid model, these are some recommendations for better remote interviewing.

  • Emphasize your degree of autonomy and productivity: Since supervision and feedback are carried out by telematic means, it is important to generate confidence and reliability about your effectiveness and skills for the job. Talk about how you are able to overcome unforeseen obstacles and complete projects independently and collaboratively from home with minimal supervision.
  • Good communication: Looking into the eyes -even if it is through web cam- of those responsible for conducting the interview, expressing yourself with the right body language, smiling, maintaining a firm and eloquent tone of voice, making the appropriate pauses or escaping from hesitation and crutches are keys that will help you stand out.
  • Highlight your knowledge of the necessary software: Handling Slack, Trello, Microsoft Teams, Zoom and a long etcetera will give you positive points to be perceived as a complete candidate.
  • Explain how you manage your time: Many remote workers are actually more effective performing their duties from home. You can mention which productivity methods you use -like Pomodoro, Kanban and many others-, which tools you use to help you or planning your schedule based on the objectives and purposes of the project.
  • Talk about the configuration of your office: You may be asked about the design of your workspace, your schedules -if there is any flexibility-, or the impediments of your work.
  • Be careful and focused on maximizing your space.
  • Share your motivation for the project: Both your motivation for working from home, such as scheduling breaks, playing sports, or cultivating your hobbies by separating your free time from your work, and your enthusiasm for being part of a new team will spread to the interviewers.
  • Show you’ve done your homework: A good candidate will do his or her homework and take the time to ask questions. It makes you stand out and shows that you are interested in the opportunity.


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