List of Chinese Companies Hiring Online English Teachers

Jun 16, 2019 · 2 mins read
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You no longer have to fly to China in order to get a decent English teaching jobs. There are plenty of online companies recruiting Americans and Canadians to tutor students through video or audio feeds from the comfort of their own homes.


English Town

English Town has been operational since the 1960’s and has recently expanded to an online audience. They take applications for both online and in-person teachers. The pay is expected to start around $12/hour.


97Kid is one of the higher paying companies but they prefer University graduates with certifications. They will expect you to stick to a very strict teaching schedule. They pay up to $20 per hour.



Pudtree recruits North American and British teachers that have a degree and some experience in the industry. They start at $17 per hour.


This company has a flat rate of $8-$12 per teaching session. Each session should last under 30 minutes. Lessons will be one on one tutoring sessions with younger students.



This is an app that you may install on your phone so you can tutor students on a freelance basis. They offer a $10 sign up bonus and the pay is $10 per hour.


This website starts teachers at $14 per hour with the potential for bonuses and raises. Each session is 25 minutes in length.


ABC360 recruits full-time tachers at $14 per hour with a possible raise for long-term teachers. Send in your resume here.


Enlai Education Solutions

Enlai is a highly reputable company that starts out at $16 per hour. They do not offer teaching jobs directly but rather routes the jobs from other company to the teacher.


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