Improve Employee Efficiency At Your Startup

Aug 31, 2020 · 2 mins read
Improve Employee Efficiency At Your Startup
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How are shifts organized in your startup? Since we spend a large portion of our lives at work, the time distribution of the working day directly affects our personal lives.

Are you in charge of organizing shifts and schedules at your startup? Some companies tend to prioritize profits and efficiency over providing a decent work-to-life balance. Instead of making employees pump out more hours, the modern workplace should instead focus on making each hour more efficient.

This article will give some general advice on how you should plan out the the sheduling & organization of shifts to make sure your employees put out better quality work.

Keeping Organized With Technology

There are many applications and solutions on the market that can help you plan, communicate, and track your workers’ schedules. Even Microsoft Excel can be be efficiently used for this purpose.

There are templates online that are easily customizable to fit your business’s shifts and it works to scale. Their example templates come in 7-day or 31-day plans, depending on how you prefer to organize work schedules.

What to consider when creating schedules

To carry out a correct management of the workers’ shifts, it is advisable to have a predefined Human Resources department. Work shifts are established looking for the efficiency of the productive processes, but we must also take into account the workers themselves. The function of the Human Resources Department is handles the delicate balance between the company and its workers, among other things.

Having said that, a relatively new startup probably doesn’t have an HR department, so this responsibility is likely carried out by the head of the company. Even without formal training, you need to be methodical in how shifts are planned out.

Companies that have their working day developed through shifts have the obligation to establish them on a rotating basis. There are different ways to create work shifts, it can be by monthly, biweekly or even weekly period of time. When it comes to creating shifts, it is advisable to pay attention to the following issues:

  • Shifts should be designed according to the structure of the company. Depending on the number of workers and the company’s objectives, the work quadrant will be made.
  • Be mindful of employees’ health. Try to mitigate the monotonous and repetitive nature. In addition to alternating the shifts gradually so that it does not alter the health rhythm of employees.
  • Night shift. There are likely local laws regarding night shifts, so look into them and be reasonable. It isn’t healhy for someone to be on this shift forever, so keep in mind the human aspect when people work overnight.
  • Workers’ shifts must be compatible with their personal lives. In this way, workers can also organize their life outside the company. Be open to negociate hours, as it would be a shame to lose your star employees over disputes about their schedule.


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