How to avoid wasting time in quarantine

Jul 21, 2020 · 3 mins read
How to avoid wasting time in quarantine
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Something very difficult for many of us is to take advantage of our time, finish our responsibilities on time and not leave everything to the last minute. The following recommendations will help you make better use of your valuable time.

How to evaluate yourself

The first step is to know how we are when it comes to taking care of a responsibility. What do you do while attending to that activity? What distracts you? For this you can apply a prioritization of tasks.

How to organize the goals and areas of your life

Organizing your life is very important. What are the goals you want to achieve? In which areas do these goals belong? To achieve these goals we must divide them into activities that we will resolve in a certain time. For this we will create a map of the areas of your life.

We begin by defining what our areas are:


How to focus

This is a key point to make the most of the time you spend on a task. It is closely related to the first point (how to evaluate yourself), as it has to do with time thieves and how to avoid them.

We will do this through techniques and tools that help us stay focused on an activity:

Pomodoro technique

It is one of the best known methods to improve the management of time spent on an activity. It consists of focusing on an activity for 25 minutes, then taking a 5-minute break and repeating the pomodoro 4 times to rest for a longer time, such as 15 minutes.

Flowtime technique

It is an alternative to the Pomodoro technique, but a little more flexible, since you can assign a concentration time of between 10 and 90 minutes.

If at the time the alarm sounds you still feel you can go on because you are focused, then you can set the alarm to have another 15 minutes of concentration. If you feel tired or have lost your concentration, then you can stop and pause for half the time that you were in focus.

Tools to control your time
Some tools can help you with the focus you have on some activity and to be able to download the tasks you have in mind in a place where they cannot be forgotten to rest from so many worries.

Digital tools:

Appblock: used to block the applications on your phone that distract you, i.e. your time thieves.
Forest: app to keep the focus on activities through the use of timers that you can configure and something very interesting is that not only do you plant trees in the app but also real trees are planted.

Trello: app to manage projects through task lists (to do, in process and finished), you can use it with your team.

Google Calendar: the tool to organize through reminders everything we do during our week, days and even blocks of hours.

5 Tools for working remotely

Analogous tools:

Notebooks: you can use them for task lists, extensive notes and you can take them everywhere
Planners: you will be able to organize your activities of the week, make short notes and have an overview of a period of time.

Sticky notes: these are used to remind you of specific tasks. They should be handy and in one place so that you can find them more quickly when you need them.

The tools I have named here are not the only ones, if you use a different one, share it! That way we can all learn about the great variety that exists.

These tips will help you if you work remotely, as a freelancer or just consider yourself an easy distraction, you know, many temptations in your workspace to abandon the important things and procrastinate.


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