Customer Changed Her Mind after the project was complete

Jul 08, 2020 · 1 min read
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A reader left us this email:

Hi Getfreelancy, I wonder if anyone has any useful advice on this situation. I get a lot of work through email orders, and recently I had an order for a project from a new client. I sent her a quote, which she said she was fine with, then a mockup of the project to show how it would look. She said this was okay and said for me to proceed.

I sent updates of the project at every opportunity and she liked it.

When the project was complete and I sent the invoice, she decided that it was too expensive and the results weren’t worth paying for.

I said that she had approved the project at every stage and had been given every opportunity to say if she wsn’t happy. I also offered to make resonable edits to the project without further charge. She then said she’d block my emails and has refused to talk further and would contact the magazine in which I placed the ad she responded to to say that I was a fraud (or words to that effect).

Worth a call to a debt recovery firm?

Yep, it’s your own fault you got to this point. You should have tied payment for services to approval points. That way, the client has skin in the game before you get to the end.

Her threats are empty, the magazine you advertised in won’t care.

I suppose you can sue (you are an unsecured debtor until you get a judgment) and keep your e-mail trail of approvals for evidence. You might also get to sue her for copyright infringement, just because I’m guessing she’s using what you sent her anyway.


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