Client’s Perspective: Employee or Freelancer?

Jul 13, 2020 · 1 min read
Client’s Perspective: Employee or Freelancer?
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When a company has to work on marketing campaigns or adjust some internal processes that require legal advice or even financial guidance, there are mainly two options

The first one, which has been the norm for many multinational companies with a clear organizational structure, is to have employees within the company assigned to specific departments be the ones in charge of managing the campaign needed or complete the investigation assigned. These companies recruit personnel with those competencies so that these needs are attended within their employees.

Because the freelance world has been evolving in the past years, multinationals have taken on another approach, a second alternative. They discovered that sometimes it might be more convenient to hire a home-based professional to do the job instead of having employees do it. If they weigh benefits, they find that it could be a more cost effective option and therefore reaching out to freelancers to perform the job has increased in the past century. You get things done as you need them and when you need them.

Web development, graphic design, content writing, online marketing, video creation are examples of the top 5 jobs for freelancers nowadays. When companies have to decide whether to hire an employee vs a freelancer, the online presence and the facilities freelancers have to offer, makes it a simpler decision.


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